Fibromyalgia Awareness day - May 12

There are many presentations online by different doctors on fibromyalgia. Some good, some terrible and full of misinformation.

This is the most accessible and common-sense-filled presentation I have come across - thank you Andrew J. Gross, MD.

Fibro research is still pointing to a central nervous system problem as the cause, where pain sensitization increases the frequency, duration and intensity of pain signals, and these signals are not shut off correctly.

No actual cause has yet been found, and treatment must be multidisciplinary.  No single treatment works in the same way for two patients - you have to try out many different things - medication, therapies and lifestyle changes. Keep what works the best, and revisit the others occasionally, as your reactions can change over time, or the usefulness of one therapy/medication wears off.

I found it interesting to see the links Andrew made between fibro and other diseases or trauma. Sexual abuse victims and PTSD sufferers more commonly develop fibromyalgia, as do people with other chronic pain illnesses (like endometriosis). So I got the double whammy.

Based on scientific research, as well as observations of his patients, Andrew suggests a combination of medication, movement (aerobic exercise, stretching, strength exercises - with tai chi being particularly useful), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness techniques, maintaining regularity in your daily routine and improving the quality of your sleep as all essential tools to better manage fibro pain.

Please share this excellent presentation to raise awareness of fibromyalgia and how it can be managed.