It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally gotten around to migrating this blog to a static Jekyll site with a clean and minimal theme.

It has meant a lot of tweaking on the back end, reinstalling Ruby, updating gems and the development environment, and rewriting/relinking content.

I haven’t gotten around to uploading/updating images yet, or fixing all the broken links.

For this and if you find anything else is broken, please have patience - I’ll be fixing things as my energy allows.

Why leave Wordpress?

Because …

  • the Wordpress image/media library constantly forgets that I’ve uploaded images and loses the files.
  • there is little control over cookies (and thus is a GDPR risk).
  • the analytics in Wordpress may or may not also violate the GDPR.
  • I want to author on my local machine, not over an internet connection.
  • the stability of externally hosted databases are not guaranteed.
  • it’s easier to backup text in a Jekyll site on my local computer.
  • Jekyll is open source software, and I like that.
  • it’s faster to write in Markdown than in the Wordpress editor.
  • it can be read more easily with screen readers - more accessible.
  • the pages look better in Safari’s reader.